Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How far is Halifax from Mill Lake Getaway?

Halifax is about 60-75 minutes away depending on traffic and what part of Halifax you would like to visit. Halifax has many great restaurants and shopping; it’s a perfect day trip excursion! Please visit our location for a google map. Here you can also see the distance to Halifax.

Q)  What do I need to bring for my getaway?

Although Mill Lake Getaway has most everything you will need, there are a couple things to remember. You need to bring your own food and personal toiletries. Please remember that our BBQ  is stored during the winter months. You will also need to bring firewood for the fire pit.

Q) Where is the nearest Grocery Store?

There is a small grocery store in the community of Upper Musquodoboit, about 2 minute drive away. There is a slightly larger one in Upper Stewiacke, Middle Musquodoboit and Sheet Harbour, all less than 30 minutes. If you are looking for a large grocery store, Truro or Elmsdale would be the closest which will take about 45 minuets.

Q) Are we able to bring our pets?

We understand that pets are part of the family, however as some of our guests are allergic, we ask that you would not bring them with you.

Q) Is there High Speed Internet and Cell Phone service in the area?

Yes, we provide high speed wifi in the house.; the code is located in our welcome booklet. There is cell phone service at Mill lake and in our area, however Rogers does not have a tower, and therefore if you have Rogers service your phone will not work. There is a long distance phone card at the house and you are welcome to use it. You can purchase subsequent cards at  any store.

Q) Is it possible to swim in the lake?

Yes! The lake is great for swimming and other water activities.